Published On: Wed, Jan 25th, 2012

Motivational Book for Students Adopted by College

New book, Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life, has been adapted as required reading for the North Carolina State University’s Pack’s Pact Program and East Carolina University’s AVID Program. The North Carolina State University Pack’s Pact is a program designed to positively impact student persistence. The goal of this program is to create an intentional support network for program participants via peer-to-peer networks and faculty/staff engagement.

Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life

Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life

“We decided to use Dr. Washington’s book because we think that the young men need to read from someone that understand their struggle and overcame it,” said Thomas Easley, Director of the Community for Diversity at North Carolina State University. “Dr. Washington’s life account is a beautiful illustration of how someone can come from humble beginnings and can rise to the highest level in academia.”

“I wrote this book to make a positive impact in the lives of others,” said Dr. David Washington, the author of Life is a Choice and a sought-after motivational speaker for student and business audiences. “Success at its essence is a choice, and I learned this early in life. By age 14, I found myself in deep poverty and with limited resources. However, I did what I explain to the readers of the book; I made a choice. My choice for a better life made all the difference.”

East Carolina University has adopted the book for use in the AVID program. AVID stands for Advancing Via Individual Determination. The program is focused on encouraging middle and high school students to attend college.

“When looking for an effective way to inspire students, it’s imperative that you find a way to make a connection with them. Life is a Choice is a book that any young person can take and use to help them find the road to success,” said Christa W. Monroe, Lead Coordinator for the Office of Professional Development and Student Outreach.

“I will be providing this book to students at our next student outreach event and will use it as a part of the curriculum for the summer enrichment program we will have on campus this summer,” said Monroe.

Kirkus called Life Is a Choice: A Guide to Success in Life “A well-written, inspirational, uplifting book with spiritual overtones that should spur readers to achieve better things in life.”

Kirkus is one of the foremost experts on book reviews and represents the standard in the publishing industry and issued this review on January 13, 2012.

Kirkus wrote the book offers “Advice for succeeding in life, packaged in an easily digestible format.”

“I am delighted that students can use this book to build their self-confidence and as a map for creating success in their lives,” said Dr. Washington.

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