Mick Jagger love letters fetch $300,000 at auction

An envelope addressed to Marsha Hunt is seen in this undated handout photograph released by Sotheby's in London

LONDON | Wed Dec 12, 2012 2:41pm EST (Reuters) – A collection of love letters written by Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger to American singer Marsha Hunt, believed to More...

Legendary Indian sitarist, composer Ravi Shankar dead at 92

File photo of Indian sitar player Ravi Shankar performing in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata

Report by Jill Serjeant and Alex Dobuzinskis LOS ANGELES | Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:03am EST (Reuters) – Sitarist and composer Ravi Shankar, who helped introduce the sitar More...

Rock legends take to New York stage for storm Sandy victims

Jon Bon Jovi joins Bruce Springsteen on stage during the "12-12-12" benefit concert for victims of Superstorm Sandy at Madison Square Garden in New York

Report by Christine Kearney and Edith Honan, NEW YORK | Wed Dec 12, 2012 11:39pm EST (Reuters) – Bruce Springsteen, the Rolling Stones and Alicia Keys were among the More...

Tropical India-SE Asia (subject to monsoon) in late Ice Age


Favorable climate and abundant water made India and Southeast Asia a hothouse for the domestication of plants and animals. The second wave of Indo-Europeans carried these into More...


All non-African humans and their languages can be traced to about a thousand individuals in South Asia 60,000 years ago. Two events during the Ice Age, a gene mutation and a More...

Analysis: Search for rare earth substitutes gathers pace

A piece of bastnasite ore, which contains rare earth elements, is shown by Brock O'Kelly from Molycorp Minerals Mountain pass Mine in Mountain Pass, California in this August 19, 2009, file photo. REUTERS/David Becker/Files

By Braden Reddall and Julie Gordon (Reuters) – The hunt for substitutes for rare earth minerals is gaining momentum More...


Fuller designed Monreal Biosphere - potential solar dome

Exploitation of solar can transform India from an energy starved to an energy abundant country. It will mean new More...

The laid table is seen in the dining room of the Charles Dickens Museum in central London London home of Charles Dickens open after renovation

Report by Natalie Huet, LONDON | Mon Dec 10, 2012 5:38pm EST (Reuters) – The former London home...

The Argumentative Hindu by Dr. Koenraad Elst ELST ON SAVING HINDUS FROM THEIR OWN FOLLIES

Koenraad Elst’s latest book is a collection of his views on Hindus and Hinduism. While well...

"The Deciphered Indus Script" by N Jha and N S Rajaram Vedic Sanskrit on Harappan seals

Ever since its discovery in 1921 the Harappan civilisation (also called Indus Valley civilisation) has been...

Twitter, privacy advocates eye Occupy case after guilty plea

Occupy Wall Street protester Harris sits in courtroom before hearing in Manhattan Criminal Court in New York

Report by Joseph Ax, NEW YORK | Wed Dec 12, 2012 5:36pm EST (Reuters) – An Occupy Wall Street protester More...

As global consumers shop mobile, Apple outshines rivals

Report by Leila Abboud and Alistair Barr, PARIS/PALO ALTO, Calif | Wed Dec 12, 2012 7:33pm EST (Reuters) – Apple’s stock..

U.S. federal agency to test RIM’s BlackBerry 10

Report by Euan Rocha TORONTO | Thu Dec 13, 2012 12:18am EST (Reuters) – Research In Motion said a U.S. federal agency, which..

Tale of Airport Security


By Melvin Durai Don’t you just hate terrorists? Even when they fail, they make life difficult for us. Back More...

Laugh it out!

One day Dick Cheney, George Bush and Laura Bush were in a private jet going to France. Then, George Bush said,..

Never got caught

A man was filling out a job application. He came to the question, “Have you ever been arrested?” He wrote, “No.”..

Stitaprajna: Standing Consciousness

Meditation_by_galifardeu By U. Mahesh Prabhu Feelings and emotions are explicit testimonies to the fact that we are men. But when we fail..

A Mistaken Love Story

This is a story, but a real one. There was a bloke by name Sachin. He was an Anglophile (who had unfathomable..
Srinagar, located on the shores of the Dal lake, was scheduled to play host to the Harud Literature Festival AFP

Nothing is apolitical when living under state repression

The storm over the Harud Literary Fest in Kashmir reveals truths about the role of literature in politics. SHIVAM VIJ, one..
A new, improved portrait of Hubble's deepest-ever view of the universe, called the eXtreme Deep Field, or XDF, which shows a small area of space in the constellation Fornax, created using Hubble Space Telescope data from 2003 and 2004, is seen in this composite image released to Reuters on September 25, 2012. By collecting faint light over many hours of observation, it revealed thousands of galaxies, both nearby and very distant, making it the deepest image of the universe ever taken at that time, according to the news release. REUTERS/NASA, ESA, G. Illingworth, D. Magee, and P. Oesch (University of California, Santa Cruz), R. Bouwens (Leiden University), and the HUDF09 Team/Handout

New “extreme” Hubble shows deepest view yet of night sky

(Reuters) – Piecing together 10 years of Hubble Space Telescope images, astronomers on Tuesday unveiled the deepest view yet of a..
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